What our goose hunters have to say about Pacific Wings



I want to thank you and your staff for providing us with an outstanding hunt! The accomodations were great. The staff did a great job with food. Outstanding meals! Four hundred and five birds, eight hunters and nine outings, pretty well tells it all! Your customized layout blind provides the concealment of an in-ground pit. In 20 years of hunting geese, I have never seen an above the ground layout blind that was so effective. Birds literally landed on top us!

Best of luck,

– Gene Combs, Plainfield

Best goose hunt in my life! (I have been hunting geese for 45 years) First class operation, first class equipment, first class guide and great accommodations.

– Jeff Presby, Richland, WA


A great time in a wonderful part of the world. Thanks to you and Justin.

– Rob, Roy, Denny

Hi Mike/Kris/Justin…

The night before my departure, everybody seemed to disappear/go to bed early (not a surprise). So, I apologize for not being able to express my thanks for the hunting/accommodations/ meals etc. It’s always a challenge with “larger groups”… this time particularly so, with the camera crew. I think everyone did a great job…the downside was that, I think I gained some weight with all the delicious meals. Should you ever need references, you can certainly use me.

Hope the season continues to be productive!


– Brian Fawcett, Richland, WA

I have been fortunate in my life. Seeing the oval office in the White House, the Kremlin, Buckingham Palace and the Great Hall of the People in China were all impressive. However, being on the prairie and having several thousand geese milling and darting in front of you will be something I will never forget. Mike Franklin and his operation are truly first rate and shooting 142 geese the first day shows it.

– Chris Runckel President, Runckel & Associates
Website: www.business-in-asia.com

Thanks for the great trip. Thanks to Adam. Great hunting. See you next year.

– Eugene Powell, Novato, CA

Mr. Franklin,

Well…. 3 years in a row of unbelievable waterfowling. Guess what… see you in 2011. Still shaking my head. The lodging, food, processing and conversation alone will draw our group back again and again. Thank you for the unbelievable experience.

Your loyal customer,

Thanks for a great hunt. Your crew did a first class hunt. Great Equipment and calling.

– Ken Wood

You and your crew were very professional. Had a great time and a fabulous hunt.

– Charles Billings

The best set up going!

– David A Chaney

Great hunt. We will be back!!!

– Chris Combs

Great hunting, great services and accommodations! Glad we came back again to shoot here at Pacific Wings. Trip is very well organized and executed. Thanks for being a great outfitter.

– Eric and Shin Tanaka

The ultimate waterfowl hunt. I’m not sure if I want to share this with anyone. Keep it a secret. Great food, great hunt.

– Dan Boes


What a great trip! It was exactly how you have been describing it to me. Excellent hunts for both geese and ducks. This is a routine I could get used to! Wildlife management day and night. Your staff is awesome. Thanks to Justin and Adam for all their hard work.”I love picking stubble”. Dave and Sue are amazing hosts. Please thanks them for the great food and help with all the birds. This is a very good operation! Continues success! I’ll be back.
Shoot straight,

– Kyle Richardson


We had a great time. Great equipment, great organization, always on time. You really know your stuff. Thanks for working so hard for us. Justin and Adam were very pleasant and knowledgeable and very hard workers. Also, we hope to be back next season – hold us a slot.

Best regards,

– Jack Lueders, Joe Luke, Benny Cleghorn, Austin McCormack Racer, Bryant Luke, Richard Lueders, West Wingate, Owen Wingate, Lathan Busby, Ryan Holmes

Thanks for the amazing hunts. You guys run a great operation and I can’t wait to get back next year.

– Adam Polkingham, Novato, CA

Great hunting. Thanks for the great calling and fun times.

– Spencer Lasley, Penn Grove, CA


It was a great trip all around. Accommodations, food; the hunting was great, and your crew was very helpful. I’ll be back again!

Greg Rapp


Great trip with some great people. Mike and group were fantastic. Lots of birds and great hospitality. Thanks for a great time.

– Mark Tognazzini, Modesto, CA

Mike’s crew puts on a first class operation. I have been hunting since the age of five and have never seen the sights I did up here. For all of you that hunt you know what you think is a lot of snow geese but until you can see this, you have not seen any. In one day I would say that close to 800,000 birds came over our heads. 160 of them fell and everyone burned about 4 boxes of ammo. Yes those are not the greatest odds for the shooters, we sucked at shooting. But I would have to say Mike put the birds in our face. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and can’t wait to come back again.

– Tyler Perry, San Jose, CA

Mike, Best goose hunt of my life. 81 geese within 2 hours. Five triples and lots of blues. Thank you so much. I plan to bring my two boys so they can see this. Great food and outfitters are very special. Thanks again.

– Glenn Kramer, Turlock, CA

This trip will be a trip to remember for sure. Mike and his crew put on some great hunts these past three days. This has been a great experience and I will never forget it.

– Brendan Tognazzini

Great hunt, never have seen that many birds, ever. The guides are top notch and really know where the birds are. The lodging and food is first class. There are not too many places where you can have 5,000 + birds decoy in. Great hunt. I will be back for sure!!!

– Kevin Juvenal. Garrett Gross, Redding, CA

Thousands upon thousands of birds. Got into them great and was amazed how quickly our limit stopped us from shooting. Oh well, more for the next guy. Worked hard setting out decoys. Sleep, thinking of sleep…… Accommodations were fantastic. Hope to do this again.

– Maurice Cassidy, Portland, OR

We began looking for an outfitter in 2008 and after seeing Mike and Pacific Wings on TV decided to give him a call. Mike was very helpful in making arrangements for my father, three brothers and I. Upon booking we asked our other family members to come along and the group expanded to eleven including three cousins, two uncles and a father-in-law. We hunt Texas and Louisiana and have all guided for ducks and geese, some for more than forty years. We have made thousands of hunts and killed many birds. Our expectations of coming to Saskatchewan were high, but we were not prepared for all the birds we saw. The accommodations were great, the lodge was beautiful and comfortable. Dave and Sue are gracious hosts and wonderful cooks.
Our first morning was an action packed event, most of the hunting party had never seen that many specks in one place and only the old-timers in our group had ever been on a hunt where 33 were taken. Those along with a mixed bag of mallards and snows gave us 94 birds. We hunted that evening and took 17 mallards and 16 more geese. The custom lay out blind is amazing. It’s hard to hide 13 people from wary birds, but the specks snows and ducks never saw us. The evening hunts were in custom sets over beautiful spreads.
We helped put out decoys again on the second day and this time put out the custom white chairs, they are almost too comfortable to hunt in, with a nap threatening the hunt. We set out almost one thousand decoys and to our surprise had a world class duck shoot. The ducks and geese decoyed all morning and we enjoyed huge groups of ducks at close range. We finished the morning with 57 ducks and a pile of specks and mallards that evening.
The third day was back in the custom cabin, or lay out. Set up for us by Mike’s help, it was well hidden in a snow goose field. We started early and the geese just kept funneling down. We had groups of 100 or more at 20 feet four times with many more coming in. We all shot and had a great time. My uncle almost caught one by hand that landed on the blind, yes they were that close. We got 125 and had the best snow hunt of our lives.
Overall this trip was one filled with memories, all accentuated by Mike and his staff. We will all talk for many years about the things we have seen and the more than 400 birds we took in three days. You must do this before you die!

Chad Briggs, Houston, TX

Great hunting with Mike and crew. We hunted 3 days and were able take a total of 401 birds. A memorable hunt for 11 family members. Ducks and geese like I have never seen! Mike’s custom blinds were incredible. Accommodations are first class and the food was fantastic.

– Johnny Briggs, Orange, TX

This is truly Canada’s hunting at its finest! Mike and his guides were great to hunt with. The blinds and birds were top notch! This was a great family trip and I cannot wait to do it again. I will always remember hunting with my father, 4 brothers, father-in-law, 2 uncles and 3 cousins. As soon as my son gets older I will be on my way back to share this experience with him.

– Jonah Briggs, Bridge City, TX

I cannot say more that the folks that have written before me, however, I will echo their comments. Great hunts, great food, great guides and great company. A great trip!

– Jonah Briggs, Bridge City, TX

With this being my third trip to Canada, I can truly say this will be one of the memorable ones. I have two sons and one nephew that accompanied me on this trip. All had a hunting experience of a lifetime. Hopefully this one will not be our last. I have a younger son that was unable to make the trip due to school. I am sure when he hears of our success he will be wanting to return. It is a true blessing to share this time with family. Mike, thanks for having all eleven of us. Hunting with family makes the traditions of hunting handed down by our father and grandfather very special. Thanks again for the hospitality, great food and fellowship. (400 birds +)

– Pat Briggs, Beaumont, TX

I have never been to Canada and I can say I would come back in a second. This has been one of the best hunting trips I have ever been on and have been hunting my whole life. Great food, great blinds, awesome hunting and lot of birds (401)!

– Jared Briggs, Baton Rouge, LA

What a great trip with Mike and the crew. We had 3 wonderful days of hunting with a total of 280 birds. The accommodations and food were first class – very nice people. Mike’s family joined us, wonderful grandkids. We as well came as a family and future family, my son, future son-in-law and his father. We had a lot of fun and shot many birds! We will have great memories of our time together. The next trip will look forward to my other son joining us. Looking forward to many more trips as a family together. We will be back!

– Brian and Brandon Olson, Maryville, WA

There are four things in my book that make a great hunt. One, birds in your face. Two would be the equipment. Three, one of a kind blinds. Lastly, awesome decoys that get the birds in your face. The accommodations that Pacific Wings provides are outstanding. The food is home cooked and the generosity of the Pacific Wings crew is incredible, it makes you feel like you’re right at home. I have been back to Pacific Wings in Saskatchewan three times and looking forward to my fourth trip next year. If you’re looking for a top quality and professionally guided goose hunting trip, look no farther then Pacific Wings, this is it. I thank Pacific Wings for an outstanding hunt and the experience!

– Russ Vail, Portland, OR

I want to say it was about this time in 2008 when my son-in-law asked me if I would like to go on a hunting trip in Canada for goose and duck. This was one of those moments in time when you know that the Blessings of God are truly moving in your life. A trip like this is when memories are born that most hunters only dream of. Most of my younger years up until about 34, I always hunted. When I was about 21 my Mom passed away and our family tradition as hunters that my Dad had taught me seemed to start slipping away. When my daughter Rachelle met Jonathan Briggs and got married, I began to see that his family had also been brought up with the tradition of the hunting spirit. The more I began to know all his family, the more I realized how truly blessed this family has been throughout their lives. I feel as though they have adopted me, and the hunting spirit that was birthed in me by my father has come to life again. This hunting trip has been one of the greatest trips I have ever been a part of. But even greater has been the fellowship with the Briggs family, who all have been a blessing in my family’s lives. I have to say the birds we killed was a great highlight of the trip, buy on the first hunt when Chad prayed a prayer that he had, I truly realized what has been on of the most important traditions hat has been passed down to this family through their grandfather and Dad. These are the kind of memories that I know will be passed on to our sons and daughters, which I will always treasure till the day I die. We finished the last day with the best hunt of all, 125 geese. But when they asked me to pray a prayer to finish the last hunt, I truly say I feel like I am part of the tradition that has been so cherished in their family. I look forward to many more hunts with this family, and to pass this hunting spirit on to our grandchildren and all the memories that go with them.

– Dirk Flowers, Bridge City, TX

This hunting trip was awesome! For my second time to Canada and first time to Saskatchewan it was a great success. Hunting with my family , all eleven of us, was killer. I’ve never seen snow geese decoy like that. They looked like teal coming in sometimes. Shooting 401 birds in 5 hunts is something I’ll always remember. Dave and Sue did a great job with the food and accommodations and Mike and his guides did a great job as well. Great hunting, great food and great memories. I’ll definitely be back.

– Tyler Briggs, Beaumont, TX

Excellent hunting trip! The guides blinds, decoys and calling the best I have ever experienced in my life! Dave and Sue’s cooking and house was the best. Hunted 3 days – way too short. Our party shot over 280 birds. My son and I will never forget this trip! A trip of a lifetime. Loved being with Mike’s grandkids and daughter. What a great family. We will be back for sure! Hope there will be some openings! The guides are first class, fun to be with and they can call ducks and geese.

– Steve Klein, Everett, WA

Mike , It has been almost a year since we were up at goose camp. I am sorry it took me so long to tell you what a great hunting experience it was. The first thing was the accommodations. Clean, roomy ,comfortable. Not to mention the food was great. The goose hunting was what i was told it would be , but not in my wildest dreams did i expect it to really be so awesome. I did not think there were that many geese in the world ! It was just cool to just watch you guys call that many birds in. Then to top it off the mallard hunts were every bit as good as the goose hunting. Your guides are simply the best !!!!!!!!! I will be moose hunting this year during your hunt, but a want to book for 2010 . Call me when you get time.

– Denny Kidder