Planning & Preparation For Your Waterfowl Adventure


The Tri-Cities area of Washington is on the southern edge of the state, just North of the Oregon border. Interstate freeways connect through this area so travel from all over the Northwest is convenient.

If you are arriving by air, the Tri-Cities Airport is on the North side of the Columbia River in Pasco.

The Tri-Cities area has an efficient highway system that permits quick travel through the region as you arrive and when driving to the day’s hunting destination.

Travel Resources

Tri-Cities location map
Tri-Cities Airport


There are many fine hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts in the Tri-Cities area.

Pacific Wings has a partnership with the Holiday Inn hotel in Richland and the Quality Inn in Othello to provide our clients with special low room rates.

Lodging Resources

Red Lion hotel
NW Source Lodging directory
Tri-Cities Guide


There are many fine restaurants and casual eating establishments in the Tri-Cities. No matter your preference, you will find a wide variety of meals available. There are also several major grocery stores where you can purchase items for your lunches during your hunt.

Dining Resources

Dining Guide
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The weather during waterfowl season in this area can range from mild and warm in the early season to very cold and stormy in the mid- to late season. Please call us before you come to be informed of the current weather conditions so you can be properly prepared. You may also check the resources to the right for current weather information.

If your hunt is scheduled for later in the season when it could be very cold, please be sure to bring adequate warm clothing to keep you comfortable while hunting.

Weather Resources

National Weather Service
The Weather Channel

License Requirements

Hunting waterfowl in Washington requires a Small Game License, a Washington Waterfowl stamp and the Federal Waterfowl Stamp. Non-residents may purchase a 3-day license or a season license. Visit the WDFW site for current pricing.

License Resources

Washington Fish & Wildlife

Equipment and Gear

Bring your favorite shotgun and shells, clothing appropriate for the current weather conditions, and whatever gear you prefer to have. Our guides take care of all the calling for you. Many of them have won regional calling contests, so sit back and enjoy the show. We also provide blinds to shoot from, so you do not need to carry yours with you.

Most of our shooting is at very close range, so we recommend bringing chokes that you know will result in efficient patterns at short ranges. Tighter chokes are sometimes appropriate, so bring what you have.

Be sure to bring equipment to clean your gun if yours needs it to operate reliably. This is real hunting – and that means wind, dirt, mud and water. Be sure to take good care of your equipment so you can get the most enjoyment from your time hunting with us.

Pacific Wings recommends the use of eye and ear protection for your safety.

If you forget something at home, there are several sporting goods stores in the area for last-minute purchases.

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Sportsman’s Warehouse